Port Ludlow Drainage District projects are supervised by the engineer and administered by the commissioners.

The District has completed 18 capital improvement projects since inception of PLDD in 2000, including six (6) capital projects identified in the 2003 Comprehensive Plan, plus an additional 13 important projects.

As part of strategic planning, the 2018 focus is on maintenance of those facilities and assets, including identification of potential problem areas. The Board has presented a District Inventory, which includes a summary listing and drawings of current and potential areas, divided into three sections: Facilities Installed by the District, Other Area Maintenance Activities, plus Areas to Watch.

As part of regular ongoing facility maintenance, the District Commissioner(s) and engineering consultant take a walk up the beach to review the condition of the outfalls.  The 2017 inspection was conducted on May 23 and July 13 during low tides. Read Voice article   Read Engineers report

For more information about individual projects, either review the Oct 17, 2017 CIP recap with project list.or explore the folders below. Click (or touch) the headings below to open each project description. Click/touch title or photo to visit project page. Some have documents and additional photos.

Capital Improvement Projects

#1. North Bay Condominiums No. 2 Conveyance System (2003)

Completion Date: 2003

Construction Cost: $12,000

Surface drainage from Oak Bay Road discharged through the North Bay Condos No. 2 and caused flooding in the driveway, parking lot and outside two of the condominium buildings.  A closed pipe connection between the existing culvert on Oak Bay Road and the downstream culvert between the buildings was installed. More Info

#2. Area 7 Detention Pond/Bioswale Rehabilitation (2003)

Completion Date: 2003

Construction Cost: $5,000

The detention pond and bioswale leading to the pond had been neglected for years. Vegetation and sediment was removed to restore the facilities to the original condition. More Info

#3. Libby Court Outfall (Oak Bay Road Phase I : 2004)

Completion Date: 2004

Construction Cost: $120,500

The outfall pipe that discharged at the top of the steep bank east of Montgomery Lane north of Libby Court was rusted and the bottom of the pipe was eroded. A 30-in. dia. storm pipe that transitions from underground to above ground at the face of the bluff was installed from Montgomery Lane to a concrete diffuser structure on the beach. More Info

#4. Incised Ditch – Oak Bay Road to Montgomery (Oak Bay Road Phase II : 2004)

reserve area - project# 4 - click for more

Completion Date: 2004

Construction Cost: $63,600

The channel located in the reserve area between Culvert No. 84 on Oak Bay Road and Culvert No. 64 at Montgomery Lane north of Libby Court was heavily incised and had migrated unto private property. The channel between Oak Bay Road and Montgomery Lane was regraded, rip-rap installed, and rock check dams to prevent erosion. The channel discharges to a 36-inch diameter pipe approximately 50 feet west of Montgomery Lane which discharges to the Libby Court Outfall (Project No. 3). Completion of this project eliminated further erosion of the bluff. More Info

#5. Oak Bay Road Ditch Modification (Oak Bay Road Phase III : 2005)

culvert along Oak Bay Road project #5, click for more

Completion Date: 2004

Construction Cost: $23,600 District, $11,600 County

Flow from the west roadside ditches on Oak Bay Road in the vicinity of Montgomery Lane and Baldwin Lane were contributing to flooding east of Oak Bay Road. This project regraded the Oak Bay Road ditch to maximize discharge to drainage facilities with adequate capacity. More Info

#6. Adventurer Lane Cutoff Trench (2005)

photo of project 6 - click for more

Completion Date: 2005

Construction Cost: $11,000

Surface drainage from areas uphill of Adventurer Lane caused problems for the properties downhill of Adventurer Lane. A french drain was installed from the north cul-de-sac of Adventurer Lane toward Port Ludlow Park. More Info

#7. Olympic/Cascade Easement Cutoff Trench (2006)

project 7 - click for more

Completion Date: 2006

Construction Cost: $25,000

Surface drainage from properties on the east side of Olympic Lane created drainage problems for properties on the west side of Cascade Lane. A french drain was installed in a utility easement between Olympic and Cascade Lanes to direct drainage to the ditch along Walker Way. More Info

#8. Foster Lane Drainage Improvements (2007)

Completion Date: 2007

Construction Cost: $34,000 County

Runoff from the north end of Foster Lane discharged to an adjacent property. The roadside ditches on Foster lane had been filled in or culverts installed by property owners with the result that surface drainage from the right-of-way and adjacent properties was not able to enter the drainage system and had caused a drainage problem for the property at the north end of the road. Jefferson County paid for the project that installed a piped drainage system to the natural point of discharge north of Foster Lane. More Info

#9. Pope/Condon Lane Outfall Improvements (2007)

project 9 - click for more

Completion Date: 2007

Construction Cost: $66,000

An existing storm drain that extended east from the intersection of Pope Way and Condon Lane discharged at the top of the bluff creating an erosion hazard. The existing drain was located on private property. The project obtained easement from Condon Lane to the bluff to allow install of a new 14-inch outfall, a portion of which was slip lined into the existing drain pipe. An HDPE above grade pipe extended from the drain at the top of the bluff and discharged into a 48-inch diameter catch basin/diffuser structure located on the beach below the bluff. More Info

#10. McCurdy Lane Cutoff Trench (2008)

project 10

Completion Date: 2008

Construction Cost: $32,500

Surface flow from the properties to the west of McCurdy Lane was discharging onto downstream properties. A french drain was installed to the west McCurdy Lane to capture and direct surface drainage to the north. More Info

#11. Montgomery Lane Redirection/Outfall Abandonment (2008)

project 11

Completion Date: 2008

Construction Cost: $76,000 District, $40,300 County

Conveyance improvements in Montgomery Lane resulted in the elimination of a bank discharge and directed drainage from Montgomery Lane north of Libby Court to the Libby Court outfall (Project No. 3). More Info

#12. WWTP Ditch and Culvert Improvements (2009)

Completion Date: 2009

project 12 - click for more

Construction Cost: $139,000

The ditch from Oak Bay Road on the north side of the PLA property that carries drainage from Oak Road, Swansonville Road, and the Rainier to Oak Bay Greenbelt had inadequate conveyance capacity. This project obtained an easement to install and maintain a new ditch with increased capacity to convey the drainage to the point of connection with the stormwater outfall to Ludlow Cove that starts at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The ditch was lined with rock to prevent erosion and subsequent sediment deposition into Ludlow Bay. More Info

#13. Jackson-Foster/Machias Loop/Warbler Drainage Improvements (2010)

Completion Date: 2010

project 13 - click for more

Construction Cost: $88,000

This project improved drainage in three locations. The Jackson-Foster drainage project installed a french drain in an easement between the properties on the east side of Foster Lane and the west side of Jackson Lane to direct surface drainage to the north. The Machias Loop improvement piped drainage from Machias Loop through existing drainage easements to its natural point of discharge in the greenbelt north of Oak Bay Road. The Warbler drainage project improved the severely eroded street end surface water discharge by regrading and installing rip rap armoring of the slope immediately downstream of the outfall. More Info

#14. North Bay No. 2 Drainage Improvements (2011)

Completion Date: 2011

project 14 - click for more

Construction Cost: $27,000

This improvement directed surface drainage, a large percentage of which is generated from Oak Bay Road, to an existing outfall to Ludlow Cove. This improvement prevents bank sloughing from uncontrolled runoff. More Info

#15. Upper West Baldwin to Oak Bay Road Improvements (2012)

Completion Date: 2012

project 15 - click for more

Construction Cost: $37,000

The drainage from the streets and properties tributary to Fleet Drive and Pioneer Drive south of Jackson Lane discharged to the east through a piped system from Wheeler Lane into a ditch in the greenbelt immediately west of Oak Bay Road and Baldwin Lane. The ditch was severely eroded and water in the ditch had caused voids in the roadway embankment on the west side of Oak Bay Road. This project installed a piped system in the greenbelt to direct all flow from the Fleet Dr/Pioneer Dr system to the existing ditch and pipe system (Project No. 4) and Libby Court outfall (Project No. 3.) More Info

#16. Beach Club Drainage Improvements (2014)

Completion Date: 2014

Construction Cost: 11,500 by District

LMC replaced the french drains around the north and northwest corner of the Beach Club. The project was designed and constructed by the LMC. More Info

#17. Trader Lane Improvements (2015)

project 17 - click for more

Completion Date: 2015

Construction Cost: $40,000 District, $3,600 County

Discharge from an existing pond immediately east of the intersection of Swansonville Road and Rainer Lane flowed through the greenbelt and two private properties prior to discharging to the roadside ditch on Trader Lane. This project constructed a vegetated swale and piped system to direct drainage from the greenbelt directly to the Trader Lane ditches. The Trader Lane drainage system was improved to convey surface water to the Fleet Dr. drainage system. More Info

#18. Cascade Lane Flood Abatement (2016)

project 18 - click for more

Completion Date: 2016

Construction Cost: $194,000

Drainage from Rainier Lane and Camano Lane discharges to the west portion of the large greenbelt between Rainier Lane and Oak Bay Road. The drainage from the western portion of the greenbelt discharged through private property to the ditch on Cascade Lane. During high flows the ditch on Cascade Lane was not able to handle the flow and excess water discharged to properties on the east side of Cascade Lane and continued to flow overland to Cressy Lane. The project installed an inlet in the greenbelt to collect the drainage from the west portion of the greenbelt and direct it through a piped system through easements in the greenbelt and two private properties to an existing utility easement between Olympic Lane and Cascade Lane. The drainage discharges to Oak Bay Road. The ditches on Rainier Lane and Oak Bay Road were improved to increase capacity and rock check dams were added to prevent erosion. More Info

Project Maps

Below are drawings from the District Inventory showing current and potential areas; color coded by: Red=Facilities Installed by the District, Green=Other Area Maintenance Activities (facilities installed by others), Blue=Areas to Watch (facilities installed by others)

Click on any of the images for an enlargement or click on the text to download a PDF of the map.