Olympic/Cascade Easement Cutoff Trench


  • Completion Date: 2006
  • Construction Cost: $25,000

Surface drainage from properties on the east side of Olympic Lane created drainage problems for properties on the west side of Cascade Lane.

A french drain was installed in a utility easement between Olympic and Cascade Lanes to direct drainage to the ditch along Walker Way.

The pictures depict a storm water drainage ditch serving the lots on the east side of Olympic Lane and protecting the lots on the West side of Cascade Lane.

The storm water is picked up and routed to the county drainage ditch on the North side of Walker Way for subsequent disposal in the Bay.

View looking north from Walker Way.
View looking south toward Walker Way.

Connections are provided for each of the lots on Olympic Lane to hookup storm water drains from homes and impervious surfaces.

The drainage ditch was completed in the summer of 2006.

Looking at exit to drainage ditch on Walker Way