Upper West Baldwin to Oak Bay Road Improvements


  • Completion Date: 2012
  • Construction Cost: $37,000

PLDD installed a pipe system to prevent continued erosion in the easement area.

The drainage from the streets and properties tributary to Fleet Drive and Pioneer Drive south of Jackson Lane discharged to the east through a piped system from Wheeler Lane into a ditch in the greenbelt immediately west of Oak Bay Road and Baldwin Lane. The ditch was severely eroded and water in the ditch had caused voids in the roadway embankment on the west side of Oak Bay Road.

This project installed a piped system in the greenbelt to direct all flow from the Fleet Dr/Pioneer Dr system to the existing ditch and pipe system (Project No. 4) and Libby Court outfall (Project No. 3)

Erosion uphill of Baldwin at Oak Bay Road
Construction on upper Baldwin
Old Pipe
Bedding new pipe and catch basin
New catch basin at Oak Bay Road
Pipe to catch basin connection
Catch basin in action
Beehive overflow basin
Upper Baldwin – runnoff during storm January 2012
Upper Baldwin – runoff during storm January 2012