Incised Ditch – Oak Bay Road to Montgomery (Oak Bay Road Phase II)


  • Completion Date: 2004
  • Construction Cost: $63,600

The channel located in the reserve area between Culvert No. 84 on Oak Bay Road and Culvert No. 64 at Montgomery Lane north of Libby Court was heavily incised and had migrated unto private property.

This project regraded the channel between Oak Bay Road and Montgomery Lane, installed rip-rap and rock check dams to prevent erosion. The channel discharges to a 36-inch diameter pipe approximately 50 feet west of Montgomery Lane which discharges to the Libby Court Outfall (Project #3). Completion of this project eliminated further erosion of the bluff.

Drainage Pipe
During Construction
Construction – catch basin at Montgomery Lane
After – view from Oak Bay Road to Montgomery Lane
During a December 2015 storm
During storm 2012
After – exit from catch basin east side of Oak Bay Road
Restoration – view west from Montgomery Lane
After – view from Montgomery Lane to Oak Bay Road