Oak Bay Road Ditch Modification (Oak Bay Road Phase III)


  • Completion Date: 2004
  • Construction Cost: $23,600 District, $11,600 County

Flow from the west roadside ditches on Oak Bay Road in the vicinity of Montgomery Lane and Baldwin Lane were contributing to flooding east of Oak Bay Road.

This project regraded the Oak Bay Road ditch to maximize discharge to drainage facilities with adequate capacity. This work was accomplished in the County right of way thus they reimbursed the District in the amount of $11,637.00.

The first set of photos shows the culverts across Oak Bay Road from Montgomery Lane to Swansonville Road. The entrances to these culverts have been modified to allow the flow of water into the culvert only in the event of an extremely large event. In a normal rainfall water will flow south to Baldwin Lane and Swansonville Road which are designed to accommodate larger quantities of water.

Culvert at Montgomery Lane
Culvert half way between Montgomery Lane and Baldwin Lane
Culvert half way between Baldwin Lane and swansonville Road

The culvert at Baldwin Lane has been modified by installing a basin to receive the water diverted from the above culverts and consolidate it and transport it to the bay.

Entrance to Baldwin Lane basin heading north from Swansonville Lane
Entrance to Baldwin Lane basin heading south from Montgomery Lane
Entrance to culvert to Baldwin Lane basin from Fleet Drive greenbelt
Regrading of ditch

As you can see in the last set of photos, the culvert modifications are complete.

The ditch was regraded to facilitate the flow of water towards the basin at Baldwin Lane.

Grass seed was placed under the straw to assist in stabilizing the soil.

This was the final phase of the Oak Bay Road to the bay drainage project began in 2004.