Cascade Lane Flood Abatement


PLDD installed a piped system from upper Rainier-Oak Bay greenbelt to Walker Way and improved the ditches on Rainier and Walker.

Drainage from Rainier Lane and Camano Lane discharges to the west portion of the large greenbelt between Rainier Lane and Oak Bay Road. The drainage from the western portion of the greenbelt discharged through private property to the ditch on Cascade Lane. During high flows the ditch on Cascade Lane was not able to handle the flow and excess water discharged to properties on the east side of Cascade Lane and continued to flow overland to Cressy Lane.

The project installed an inlet in the greenbelt to collect the drainage from the west portion of the greenbelt and direct it through a piped system through easements in the greenbelt and two private properties to an existing utility easement between Olympic Lane and Cascade Lane. The drainage discharges to Oak Bay Road. The ditches on Rainier Lane and Oak Bay Road were improved to increase capacity and rock check dams were added to prevent erosion.

Walker Way easement North to Greenbelt
Cascade inlet at Greenbelt
Walker Way ditch regrade
Rainier water to Cascade inlet
Greenbelt water from Rainier to Cascade Inlet
Cascade Inlet at Greenbelt toward Walker Way
Discharge flow to lower Walker Way north ditch
Restoration of Rainier west ditch
During October 15, 2016 storm