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Port Ludlow Drainage District (pldd)

About the PLDD

The Port Ludlow Drainage District (PLDD) is a Jefferson County Special Purpose District that is tasked with resolving storm water drainage problems on common property within the North Bay area of Port Ludlow on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State (see maps).

The Port Ludlow Drainage District was established in 2000 under the authority of RCW 85.38.  A three-member board of Commissioners is elected by owner(s) of land located in the District who are qualified voters of the District. RCW 85.38.105

The District levies an assessment to fund District activities that is authorized by Jefferson County ordinance.  RCW 85.38.160 requires the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners (BoCC) to hold a public hearing to review the District assessment system every four years and approve an assessment system on or before September 1st of that year. View details.

District Maps

Click on any of the images for an enlargement or click on the text to download a PDF of the map.

Below are drawings from the District Inventory showing current and potential areas; color coded by: Red=Facilities Installed by the District, Green=Other Area Maintenance Activities (facilities installed by others), Blue=Areas to Watch (facilities installed by others)

History & Documents

History of Assessments

Election Results - No Election

The week of December 9-13, 2019 was the Candidate Filing Period for the February 4, 2020 Special District General Election. One position was open: Position No.1 for a new term of six years ending Feb-2026.

No candidate filed; therefore per RCW 85.38.115, no election will be held and the position shall be treated as vacant.

Election Results - No Election

The week of December 11-15, 2017 was the Candidate Filing Period for the February 6, 2018 Special District General Election. Three positions were open: Position No.1 for the remaining two years of a term ending Feb-2020, Position No.2 for a term of six years, ending Feb-2024; and Position No.3 for the remaining four years of a term ending Feb-2022.

All three candidates that filed were unopposed, therefore per RCW 85.38.115, no election was held and the single candidate for each position was considered to have been elected to the position.

Comprehensive Plan

Projects Started... currently district has undertaken 18 Drainage Projects with construction costs of $977,600 for completed Capital Improvement Projects (CIP); see Oct 17, 2017 CIP recap with project list..

Vote and formation - under RCW 85.38

First County-appointed Commissioners

Assessment System 2001-2016



The following articles were originally published in the Port Ludlow Voice unless noted otherwise.

Commissioners History

Port Ludlow Drainage District
P.O. Box 65261
Port Ludlow WA 98365