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Port Ludlow Drainage District (pldd)

The Port Ludlow Drainage District (PLDD) is a Jefferson County Special Purpose District that is tasked with resolving storm water drainage problems on common property within the North Bay area of Port Ludlow on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. The PLDD mission is to alleviate storm water conveyance problems on community property, such as the Ludlow Maintenance Commission greenbelts. There have been 18 Capital Improvement Projects undertaken and completed by PLDD that have contributed to the improvement of storm water flow within North Bay of Port Ludlow. These improvements have addressed community safety, preservation of property and water quality for the benefit of residents.

Maintenance of these project infrastructures is the ongoing responsibility and has become the main focus of PLDD. The District contracts with a professional maintenance crew which works year-round to ensure that the conveyance facilities are functioning as designed even in the rainiest of conditions.

The district is governed by a three-member board of commissioners which is elected by owner(s) of land located in the District who are qualified voters of the District.

photo courtesy Katie Smith

This phase of the Oak Bay Road Conveyance System Repair Project was completed in 2004, and was functioning well on December 15, 2015, 11.5 years later, during what has been described as 'torrential' rain.

Announcements / News


Since March of 2020 the PLDD has been Guidelines provided by the office of Governor Inslee which included the suspension of in-person meetings. All regular and special meetings of the District have been telephonic only with no provision for a public speaker phone. The PLDD will continue to operate under Governor’s Emergency Proclamation Covid and Health Protection for (currently) Phase 3 Healthy Washington Plan. As long as the Port Ludlow Fire Hall remains closed to external meetings all meetings will be conducted telephonically with no public speaker phone made available by PLDD staff.


This resolution, passed by the District commissioners in March 2021, can be viewed on the website under Records/Resolutions. Resolution 2021-02 is a result of discussions held at several of the District’s public meetings over the last 2 years. The commissioners want to streamline operations to reduce the overhead costs of running the commission leaving more of the District’s cash reserves for maintenance and engineering consultations. As it now stands, the PLDD’s annual budget is approximately $85,000. Its direct service for maintenance and engineering consulting is less than $30,000. So, the PLDD has more than 100% overhead in managing its business. It is costly to complete the various statutory requirements of a public commission as no consideration is given to the District’s small size and limited infrastructure. There are no plans for expanding beyond the current drainage systems and no capital improvements up for consideration for at least 4-5 years. The District is in a maintenance only mode. Suspending a commission, as allowed by state regulations, is a potential option to alleviate most, if not all, of those overhead expenses while still providing the needed on-going maintenance of existing drainage systems. Anyone with questions regarding the reasons or process for proposing suspension can contact the commissioners at


Engineer Nancy Lockett conducted an inspection of the District’s 4 beach outfalls on April 1, 2021. She was joined by Brian Belmont, LMC General Manager; Deborah Helleson, PLDD Commissioner 3; and Russ Lowry, maintenance contractor for PLDD. This inspection is held every four years and was last conducted in 2017. Engineer Lockett noticed little or no change to the condition of the beach outfalls from the previous inspection. All outfalls are in good condition and functioning as designed. A copy of the report from this inspection can be requested by contacting the commissioners at


Port Ludlow Drainage District Board of Commissioners is seeking applicants interested in being appointed to serve a six year term as Commissioner. Anyone interested in a position on the PLDD Board should send a letter listing personal skill sets that would benefit the purpose and duty of the District to PLDD, PO Box 65621, Port Ludlow, WA 98365 or email to by February 10, 2020.

Candidates must own property within the Port Ludlow Drainage District and be a registered voter in the State of Washington.


Port Ludlow Drainage District 2021 operating budget, Resolution 2020-05, was ratified at Special Meeting #0268, held November 12, 2020. The 2021 assessment was set at $60,000. This is a reduction of $20,000 from the 2020 assessment.


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Founding documents and Comprehensive Plan are under History.

See Projects for information on district activity and for project-specific documents & photos.

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